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1. Rolling
    The pitch shall not be rolled during the match except as permitted in (a) and (b) below.
     (a) Frequency and duration of rolling

         During the match the pitch may be rolled at the request of the captain of the batting side,
         for a period  of  not  more than 7  minutes, before  the start of each innings,  other than
         the first innings of the match, and before the start of each subsequent day’s play. See (d)
     (b) Rolling after a delayed start
         In addition to the rolling permitted above, if, after the toss and before the first innings of
         the match, the start is  delayed, the captain  of  the batting  side may request that the
         pitch be rolled for not more than 7 minutes. However, if the umpires together agree that
         the delay has had no significant effect on the state of the pitch, they shall refuse such
         request for rolling of the pitch.
     (c) Choice of rollers
         If there is more than one roller available the captain of the batting side shall choose which
         one is to be used.
     (d) Timing of permitted rolling
         The rolling permitted  (maximum 7 minutes) before  play begins on any day shall be started
         not more than 30 minutes before the time scheduled or rescheduled for play to begin. The
         captain of the batting side may, however, delay the start of such rolling until not less than
         10 minutes before the time scheduled or rescheduled for play to begin, should he so wish.
     (e) Insufficient time to complete rolling
         If,  when  a  captain   declares  an  innings  closed,  or  forfeits  an  innings, or  enforces
         the follow-on,  there is  insufficient time  for  the  pitch to  be  rolled for  7 minutes, or if
         there is insufficient time  for any  other reason, the batting captain shall  nevertheless be
         permitted to  exercise his  option  to have  such rolling.  The time  by  which the start of
         the innings is delayed on that account shall be taken out of normal playing time.

2. Clearing debris from the pitch
     (a) The pitch shall be cleared of any debris
             (i)  before  the start  of  each day’s play. This shall be after the completion of mowing
                  and before any rolling, not earlier than 30 minutes nor later than 10 minutes before
                  the time or any rescheduled time for start of play.
             (ii)  between innings. This shall precede rolling if any is to take place.
             (iii) at all intervals for meals.
     (b) The  clearance  of  debris  in  (a)  above shall be  done  by  sweeping, except where the
          umpires consider that  this may  be  detrimental to the  surface of the pitch. In this case
          the debris must be cleared from that area by hand, without sweeping.
     (c) In  addition  to  (a)  above,  debris  may  be  cleared  from  the  pitch  by  hand, without
          sweeping, before mowing and whenever either umpire considers it necessary.

3.  Mowing
     (a) Responsibility for mowing
           All mowings which are carried out before the match shall be the sole responsibility of the
           Ground Authority.
           All subsequent mowings shall be carried out under the supervision of the umpires. 
      (b)  The pitch and outfield
           In order that throughout the match the  ground conditions should be as nearly the same
           for both sides as possible,
                (i)  the pitch
                (ii) the outfield
           shall be mown on each day  of  the  match  on which  play is  expected to take place, if
           ground and weather conditions permit. 
           If,  for  reasons other  than  conditions of  ground  or  weather, complete mowing of the
           outfield is not possible, the Ground Authority shall notify the captains and umpires of the
           procedure to be adopted for such mowing during the match.
      (c)  Timing of mowing
           (i) Mowing of the pitch on any day shall be  completed not  later than 30 minutes before
           the time scheduled  or  rescheduled for  play  to begin on that day, before any sweeping
           prior to rolling. If necessary, debris  may be  removed from  the  pitch before mowing, by
           hand, without sweeping. See 2(c) above.
           (ii) Mowing  of  the  outfield  on  any  day  shall be  completed not later than 15 minutes 
           before the time scheduled or rescheduled for play to begin on that day.

4.  Watering the pitch
      The pitch shall not be watered during the match.

5.  Re-marking creases
      Creases shall be re-marked whenever either umpire considers it necessary.

6.  Maintenance of footholes
     The umpires shall ensure that the holes made by the bowler and batsman are cleared out and 
     dried whenever necessary to facilitate play.
     In  matches  of  more  than  one  day’s duration, the umpires shall allow, if necessary, the re-
     turfing  of  footholes  made  by  the  bowler  in his  delivery stride, or the use of quick-setting
     fillings for the same purpose.

7.  Securing of footholds and maintenance of pitch
      During play, umpires shall  allow the players to  secure their footholds by the use of sawdust 
      provided that no damage to the pitch is caused and that Law 42 (Fair and unfair play) is not

8.  Non-turf pitches
      Whenever appropriate, the provisions set out in 1 to 7 above shall apply.

[Meaning for some important terms in TAMIL: subsequent-பின்னர் , significant-குறிப்பிடத்தக்க, nevertheless-எனினும், debris-இடிந்த, mowing-வெட்டுதல், sweeping-கூட்டுதல், detrimental- தீங்கு, footholes- கால்தாரைகள், தடங்கள், Secure-பாதுகாப்பு, sawdust-மரத்தூள், contravene-மீறுதல், appropriate-தக்க, provisions-விதிகள்]
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