July 23, 2018


Played on 04.08.2012 & 05.08.2012

Krishnagiri advances to the next round;
Nagapattinam drew the match

In the TNCA Inter Districts tournament in under 16 age group,III round match played at Nagapattinam between Nagapattinam Dca and Krishnagiri Dca, Krishnagiri won the toss and chose to bat.

90 runs
41 runs

Krishnagiri posted 228 in 89.3 overs. B. Sooriyah and Y. Surya scored 90 and 41 respectively for Krishnagiri.

Captain S. Siddharth and B. Aiyappan took 5 wickets for 42 and 4 wickets for 77 respectively for Nagapattinam.

Nagapattinam ended the day with 20/0 in 8 overs

5/42 & 58runs


On day 2 Krishnagiri restricted Nagapattinam dca to 162 in 72.3 Overs in spite of fight back from Nagapattinam batsmen. C.S Ashwin took 3 for 33 for Krishnagiri. The in form batsman of Nagapattinam, S. Syed Aziz managed to score 26 while Captain S. Siddharth scored 58 in the chase, supported by Navaneethakrishnan with an useful 29*.

26 runs
Match ended in a draw. Krishnagiri dca advances to the next round with the lead in first innings.

Congratulations to Krishnagiri dca especially B. Sooriyah & Y.Surya!!!

Better luck next time to Nagapattinam dca! We miss you, Siddharth, Aziz & Ayyappan.

All the best to Krishnagiri dca!!!

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