December 14, 2018

1st Division (Dindigul)

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Cricket in Dindigul

DDCA 1st Division League

TNCA – DDCA 1st Division Match 1:
Haritham Dominators, Palani 127 all out in 30.2 overs
(S. Sriram Vasanth Prasad- 39, P. Krishnamoorthy- Three for 9, M.S. Muthu Vivekanandan- Three for 10, M. Abdur Rahim- Three for 35)
lost to
St. Peter’s, Kodaikanal 128/7 in 19.5 overs
(M.S Muthu Vivekanandan- 38, M. Mohammed- 32, M. Mohammed Raffiq- 31, R. Natesan- Three for 26, B. Ramachandran- Three for 29)

TNCA – DDCA 1st Division Match 2:
Mansur, Dindigul 281 all out in 46.4 overs
(T. Keerthi Kesavan- 65, A. Jeeva-38, S. Hariharan- 32, P. Ganesh- 30, K. Riaz- 25)
lost to
St. Peter’s, Kodaikanal 284/4 in 36 overs
(M. Abdur Rahim- 154 Not out, M. Mohammed Raffiq- 36, M. Mohammed-25)

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