December 15, 2018

Junior Super Kings Salem District – 04.09.2013

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Cricket in Tamil Nadu

District Center: Salem

Junior Super Kings Tournament

Inter School T20 Championship

The following are the Junior Super Kings Inter School Tournament for Districts 2013-14 matches played at Salem District Center on 04.09.2013!!!

Match: Sri Vidya Mandir Salem Steel Plant vs Municipal Boys  HSS, Pavadi
Municipal Boys HSS, Pavadi scored 49 in 15.3 overs
(P. Ragul Kumar- Three for 3, D. Alex Edwinson- Three for 3)
lost to
Sri Vidya Mandir Salem Steel Plant scored 51/6 in 12 overs
(P. Gokul Nath- Three for 13, P. Jagannath- Two for 1)

Man of the Match: Nathanael Packia Singh, Sri Vidya Mandir Salem Steel Plant

Match: Sri Vidya Mandir Sec School, Shevapet vs Mont fort AIHSS, Yercaud
Mont fort AIHSS, Yercaud scored 154/4 in 20 overs
(Rohan Prabhu- 66 Not out, Aswath- 25, V. Mani Ramadass- Two for 29)
Sri Vidya Mandir, Shevapet scored 56/7 in 20 overs
(Santhosh Bharathi- Two for 10)

Man of the Match: Rohan Prabhu, Mont fort AIHSS, Yercaud

Match: Holy Cross MHSS vs Ramalinga Vallalar SF HSS
Holy Cross MHSS scored 153/4 in 20 overs
(M. Prassana- 61 Not out)
Ramalinga Vallalar SF HSS scored 39 in 11.5 overs
(Vignesh- Three for 19)

Man of the Match: M. Prassana, Holy Cross MHSS

Match: Neelambal Subramaniam HSS vs Golden Gates MHSS
Neelambal Subramaniam HSS scored 101/9 in 20 overs
(R. Balachandran- 25)
Golden gates MHSS scored 36 in 9.4 overs
(Vivek Muthu- Three for 17)

Man of the Match: Vivek Muthu, Neelambal Subramaniam HSS

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