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I’m happy to invite you to have a look at some interesting stats and news about the world’s most loving, playing game, the Football

Even though you may be aware of the game and its tradition, I wish to ecphory before starting this post.

Disclaimer: The datas are collected from online databases using Google Search and and the images are downloaded by using Google Search Images from various files available. Thanks to the one and all! An Appeal: The correctness of the post is vulnerable to errors unknowingly which may be corrected on valid proofs and verification.


The game played with a ball hit by foot. The history of the game may be verified from Some Excerpts from it are:

The game was played all over the world even before it’s current rules and regulation formed on their own. There is a certain credit to British Colonial Empire in spreading and maintaining the game’s heritage in its whole empire.


Two teams of usually between 11 and 18 players each may play this game in a common – defined area of ground.

The first ever International Football match was played on 5th March, 1870 at the Oval ground between England and Scotland which ended in a draw. Robert Crawford and Baker put 1 goal each for Scotland and England respectively. W.H. Gladstone, the Member of Parliament and son of the Sitting Prime Minister W.E. Gladstone of the Britain represented the Scottish team.

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) was founded in Paris on 21.05.1904 and Mr. Robert Guérin, a French Journalist was elected as its First President.

FIFA Champions

The following are the list of FIFA champions by year

Sl No Year Venue Champions
1 1930 Uruguay Uruguay
2 1934 Italy Italy
3 1938 France Italy
4 1950 Brazil Uruguay
5 1954 Switzerland West Germany
6 1958 Sweden Brazil
7 1962 Chile Brazil
8 1966 England England
9 1970 Mexico Brazil
10 1974 West Germany West Germany
11 1978 Argentina Argentina
12 1982 Spain Italy
13 1986 Mexico Argentina
14 1990 Italy West Germany
15 1994 United States Brazil
16 1998 France France
17 2002 Japan Brazil
18 2006 Germany Italy
19 2010 South Africa Spain
20 2014 Brazil to be played


Interesting Stats

Brazil won the cup 5 times in the years 1958,1962,1970,1994 & 2002 followed by Italy with 4 times in the years 1934,1938,1982 & 2006 and Germany with 3 times in the years 1954,1974 & 1990.

Interestingly Germany entered the World Cup final 7 times which is in tie with Brazil. The inaugural year Champions, Uruguay are still finding hard to clinch title after 1950.

England and Spain have entered Final only once each and won it. On the otherside Netherlands,Czechoslovakia,Hungary and Sweden have entered World cup finals thrice, twice, twice and once respectively and lost them.

FIFA 2014 World Cup – Brazil

At last we have reached our post actually!

The 20th FIFA world cup would be played in Brazil from June 12, 2014 to July 13, 2014. 32 Countries participating in the tournament are divided into 8 groups as Group A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H.

The hosts – Brazil is placed in Group A with Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon. The defending champions – Spain is placed in Group B with Netherlands, Chile and Australia. Japan is placed in Group C with Colombia, Greece and Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). Group D matches would be a tit tat to watch. It has Uruguay, Italy, England and Costa Rica.

France is placed in Group E with Switzerland, Equador and Honduras. while Argentina is placed in Group F with Bosnia – Herzegovina, Iran and Nigeria. Germany is placed in Group G with Portugal, Ghana and USA while Russia is placed in Group H with Belgium, Algeria and Korea Republic (South Korea)

The tournament would be played in 12 cities of Brazil. All the champions since the first world cup have got qualified for this world cup. The match fixtures and venues may be seen from FIFA Website

This is the place and time where I and You have to thank and remember Nimbuzz Pulse of the Nation for inducing and offering to share some reports of surveys conducted by them.

It is good to see good people tying up for good cause / entertainment of the game followers.

The following is the report of Nimbuzz Pulse of the nation and credit goes to them and their team

Who is most likely to take the Golden Boot home this season? Respondents: 22,235

  • Lionel Messi, Argentina – 47%
  • Wayne Rooney, England – 29%
  • Bastian Schweinsteiger, Germany- 19%


Football Player- Lionel Messi, Argentina
Lionel Messi
Football Player- Wayne Rooney, England
Wayne Rooney
Football Player- Bastian Schweinsteiger, Germany
Bastian Schweinsteiger








Who is most likely to take home the Golden Ball?                 Respondents: 50,314

  • Neymar Junior, Brazil – 44%·
  • Lionel Messi, Argentina – 22%
  • Andres Iniesta, SPain – 34%


Football Player - Neymar Junior, Brazil
Neymar Junior
Football Player - Andres Iniesta, Spain
Andres Iniesta







Best mentor / icon for the season                                                          Respondents: 20,009

  • Felipe Scolari, Brazil- 53%
  • Joachia Loew, Germany – 25%
  • Roy Hodgson, England- 12%
Luiz Felipe Scolari, Football Manager, Brazil
Luiz Felipe Scolari
Joachim Loew, Football Manager, Germany
Joachim Loew
Roy Hodgson, Football Manager, England
Roy Hodgson







Who will flaunt the coolest hairstyle on the ground?                     Respondents: 28,987

  • Mario Balotelli, Italy – 54%
  • Stephen El Shaarawy, Italy  – 24%
  • Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal– 22%
Football Player - Mario Barwuah Balotelli, Italy
Mario Barwuah Balotelli
Football player - Stephen Kareen El Shaarawy, Italy
Stephen Kareen El Shaarawy
Football player - Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal
Cristiano Ronaldo







Who is most likely to take home the Fair Play award?           Respondents: 27,336

  • Spain – 46%
  • Uruguay– 34%
  • France –  20%
The logo of Spain National Football Team
Spain Football Team
The logo of Uruguay National Football Team
Uruguay Football Team
The logo of France National Football Team
France Football Team







Who according to you is the most fashionable player in the World Cup?Respondents: 34,308

  • Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal – 52%
  • Iker Casillas, Spain – 28%
  • Mario Gotze, Germany- 20%
Football Player - Cristiano Ronaldo,  Portugal
Cristiano Ronaldo
Football Player - Iker Casillas, Spain, Goal Keeper
Iker Casillas
Football Player - Mario Gotze, Germany
Mario Gotze







Which celebrity you are most eager to see on the stands?     Respondents: 22,267

  • Kate Middleton – 56%
  • Leonardo DiCaprio – 31%
  • Victoria Beckham – 13%
Kate Middleton - Wife of Prince William, duke of cambridge
Kate Middleton
Leonardo DiCaprio - American Film Actor and Producer
Leonardo DiCaprio
Victoria Beckham - English Businesswoman, Fashion Designer, Singer and Model
Victoria Beckham







Which team is the underdog this season?                               Respondents: 34,866

  • Russia – 62%
  • Belgium – 21%
  • Ivory Coast – 17%
The logo of Russia National Football Team
Russia Football Team
The logo of Belgium National Football Team
Belgium Football Team
The logo of Ivory Coast National Football Team
Ivory Coast Football Team







A newbie player who can blow your mind with his performance?Respondents: 19,456

  • Oscar, Brazil – 49%
  • Neymar Junior, Brazil –  26%
  • Jetro Willems, Holland – 25%
Football Player - Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Junior, Brazil
Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Junior
Football Player - Neymar Junior, Brazil
Neymar Junior
Football Player - Jetro Willems, Netherland
Jetro Willems


Interesting Insights of the report

  • Lionel Messi– Most likely to get the Golden Boot – Messi’s consistent form has seen a big thumbs up by fans, as they predict he could be the one with the most number of goals in the tournament.
  • Neymar Junior– Most likely to get the Golden Ball – the dusky forward/winger from Brazil comes beats   Spanish Andres Iniesta to become the player most likely to take home the Golden Ball.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo– The most fashionable player– Ronaldo’s charm on Indians refuses to die down anytime soon as he leads the list of players to become the favourite amongst Indians
  • Felipe Scolari– Best mentor for the season – Felipe Scolari seems to have the trust of more fans as an icon/ mentor than Joachia Loew or Roy Hodgson, as more than double the people have voted for him over the others
Thanks for the survey report to TEAM NIMBUZZ PULSE OF NATION

Looking forward to your feedback via comments

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