December 11, 2018

My Match Report – 05.10.2014

Welcome to My Match Report – 05.10.2014 Friends!!




Today we are going to watch the TNCA – DCAT (District Cricket Association of Tirupur) 2nd Division Cricket League Match played between Tirupur Textiles Recreation Club ‘B’ and Tirupur Galaxy Cricket Club at the TTP Mills ground on 05.10.2014.


The Captains of the team were Mr. M. Ganesan, Tirupur Textiles Recreation Club ‘B’ and Mr. Suresh Kumar, Tirupur Galaxy Cricket Club. The ground is the home ground for Tirupur Textiles Recreation Club and hence the coin tossed by its Captain. Tirupur Galaxy CC won the toss and chose to bat first.


The start was not good as one expect. P. Nanthakumar of Tirupur Textiles Recreation Club ‘B’ hit straight away through the batting line up of Tirupur Galaxy Cricket Club and picked up his Five wicket haul in this match. There were several misses too which would have yielded more wickets if done perfectly. Tirupur Galaxy Cricket Club struggled much to score run and it was late effort from the batsmen to stay in the crease. At last Tirupur Galaxy Cricket Club managed to cross 150 mark with some useful contributions from the tail enders. It was a splendid effort of the bowlers of TTRC ‘B’ to restrict opponents to a low score. Tirupur Galaxy Cricket Club scored 158 in 38.4 overs. P. Nanthakumar picked 5 wickets for 35 runs and Subramani picked 3 wickets for 25 runs for Tirupur Textiles Recreation Club ‘B’.


The early finish in the game forced play before lunch. Tirupur Textiles Recreation Club ‘B’ batsmen showed their color and concept of their game plan. During Lunch TTRC ‘B’ were 17/0 in 4 overs. After Lunch, Tirupur Textiles Recreation Club ‘B’ gave no chance for Tirupur Galaxy CC. Tirupur Galaxy had almost lost their confidence. The opening batsmen P. Nantha Kumar and Sathyamoorthy made a century partnership and the score was 104/0 in 26 overs during the first drinks. You never expect that things would go wrong in a match position like this! The 2 wickets fallen in the 2 consecutive overs might have had triggerred the collapse. We had witnessed an array of wickets’ collapse in the next 12 overs. Tirupur Galaxy Cricket Club captain showed no sign of either ecstasy or excitement. But the keeper insisted the players continuosly to play their game without any celebration. There was a stunning turnaround for TTRC ‘B’ when its middle order and tail ender batsmen gifted their wickets cheaply. TTRC ‘B’ needed just 54 runs in 144 balls at one stage. That is the game of Cricket. There is game until there is spirit to perform and win! At last Tirupur Textiles Recreation Club ‘B’ scored 154 in 49 overs losing the match by a mere 4 runs. The misses costed them badly in an close encounter. But it was a sweet and surprising excitement for Tirupur Galaxy CC to win from the dusk of a match. The opening batsmen Sathyamoorthy and Nanthakumar scored 54 and 33 respectively for TTRC ‘B’. B. Logu picked 4 wickets for Tirupur Galaxy Cricket Club was the young star behind its victory.




  • Tirupur Galaxy Cricket Club scored 158 in 38.4 overs
  • Tirupur Textiles Recreation Club scored 154 in 49 overs
  • Man of the match: P. Nanthakumar – 5 wickets and 33 runs


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Still 1

Action: Fielder not even know that it was a catch! Batsmen scored single


Still 2

Action: Fielder missed the ball! Batsmen scored 2 runs


Still 3

Action: Fielder at Long on missed the catch. Tirupur Galaxy Wicket Keeper – Batsman survived and scored single


Still 4

Decision: Not out LBW. Appeal declined


Still 5

Decision: Not out LBW. Appeal declined


Still 5a

Scoreboards during the first drinks and at a later stage. The chasing team lost the match by 4 runs with 6 balls in hand.


Still 6

Decision: Out LBW.



Match Photo Album

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Finally and as usual I had umpired this match with Mr. R. Sathish Kumar



Thats all for the day!

Hope you all enjoyed the match!


Let us meet in an another match report!

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