July 19, 2018

Thanks to Tirupur District Volleyball Association

Tirupur Volleyball in Vels Arena

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  • Tirupur District Volleyball now in VelsArena.com

Thanks to Tirupur District Volleyball Association for recognising our services to the game by accepting to provide the news about Volleyball in the district. It’s our pride too to present the same!


I thank The Tirupur District Volleyball Association (TDVA) for granting permission to post the Match Results and Tournament Details and all news of the TDVA in our website. I appeal one and all to make use of the most.


I thank in person,

Shri. S. Duraisamy                                          Patron in Chief, the TDVA
Shri. Kannan @ S. Krishna Kumar             Executive Patron, the TDVA
Shri. Ravi @ K. Ramalingam                        President, the TDVA
Shri. M. Jeevanantham                                   Chairman, the TDVA
Shri. S. Muruganantham                                    Patron, the TDVA
Shri. P.V Rangasami                                            Patron, the TDVA
Shri. V. Eswaramoorthy                                      Senior Vice President, the TDVA
Shri. S. Ramasamy                                               Vice President, the TDVA
Shri. V. Subramanian                                         Vice President, the TDVA
Shri. P.V. Raghupathi                                          Vice President, the TDVA
Shri. R.C Sampath Kumar                                  Vice President, the TDVA
Shri. R. Shanmugasundaram                           Vice President, the TDVA
Shri. P. Duraisamy                                             Vice President, the TDVA
Shri. T. Balasubramanian                                 Vice President, the TDVA
Shri. V.N Thangamani                                      Secretary, the TDVA
Shri. M.S.G Manoharan                                    Treasurer, the TDVA
Shri. P. Krishnamoorthy                                  Joint Secretary, the TDVA
Shri. K. Prakash                                                  Joint Secretary, the TDVA
Shri. P. Rajendran                                              Joint Secretary, the TDVA
Shri. S. Vijaya Kumar                                        Joint Secretary, the TDVA
Shri. M. Palanisami                                           EC Member, the TDVA
Shri. M. Moorthi                                                 EC Member, the TDVA
Shri. R.Murgan                                                    EC Member, the TDVA
Shri. K. Karthikeyan                                          EC Member, the TDVA
Shri. G. Krishnamoorthy                                  EC Member, the TDVA
Shri. P. Kannan                                                   EC Member, the TDVA
Shri. G. Senthil Kumar                                     EC Member, the TDVA
Shri. S. Parthiban                                              Technical Committee, the TDVA
Shri. S. Ramachandran                                   Technical Committee, the TDVA
Shri. K. Ilango                                                     Technical Committee, the TDVA

for the kind support and patronage rendered in this regard.

I use this opportunity to assure a parallel display of the District Volleyball Tournaments / Events and try my best to induce an healthy competition in the game of Volleyball.

Word of Thanks
Word of Thanks


thanks and regards

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