October 19, 2018

Coimbatore Knock Out Semi Finals

Domestic Cricket in Tamilnadu

Story Highlights

  • Sivakumar and Prabhu Kumar take Vijay CC to Final

Flash: Coimbatore Knock Out Semi Finals played on 26.04.2015


Coimbatore District Knock Out Tournament matches played in PSG Ims grounds of Coimbatore on 26.04.2015.

G Developers Trophy

Coimbatore Knock out for G Developers Trophy
Coimbatore Knock out




In the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) – Coimbatore District Cricket Association (CDCA) Knock Out Tournament Semi Final matches for G Developers Trophy played in the PSG Ims ‘A’ and PSG Ims ‘C’  grounds on 26.04.2015




  • Sivakumar and Prabhu Kumar hit half centuries for Vijay Cricket Club




TNCA -CDCA Knock out: Coimbatore Knock out Semi Finals on 26.04.2015

Match: Srii CC vs Masters CC

  • Srii Cricket Club – 128 in 41.3 overs
  • Masters Cricket Club -129/6 in 30.5 overs

Match: RG Pudur CC vs Vijay CC


Scores at Semi Final 1 at Psg Ims ‘A’Srii C.C 128 in 41.3 overs (M. Sundar Rajan 37, P. Ashok Three for 26) ‘Lost to’ Masters C.C 129/6 in 30.5 overs.

Scores at Semi Final 2 at Psg Ims ‘C’ : Rangasamy Gounder Pudur C.C 187/9 in 50 overs (S. Sedupathy 45, R. Karthikeyan 31, K. Gopal Chandar Three for 37, N. Samynathan Three for 44) ‘Lost to’ Vijay C.C 188/7 in 38.4 overs (P. Sivakumar 61, R. Dhanasekar 38, G. Prabhu Kumar 53*, E. Prasanna Venkatesh Three for 36)

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