October 19, 2018

Masters are Champions of G Developers Trophy

Coimbatore District

Story Highlights

  • It is a Team effort that won for Masters
  • Antony Bernard displayed his all round talent

Flash: Masters are Champions of G Developers Trophy 2015-16


Coimbatore District Knock Out Tournament matches played in CIT and PSG Ims ground of Coimbatore on 27.04.2015.


G Developers Trophy

Coimbatore Knock out for G Developers Trophy
Coimbatore Knock out



In the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) – Coimbatore District Cricket Association (CDCA) Knock Out Tournament Final and Loser Final matches for G Developers Trophy played in the C.I.T and PSG Ims ‘C’  grounds on 27.04.2015




  • Antony Bernard stunned RG Pudur with his all round show.
  • Palanisamy scored half century for Vijay CC. Sabarish, Sakthi Nidhi and Ashok stood behind Masters CC victory




TNCA – CDCA Knock Out: Masters are Champions of G Developers Trophy

Losers’ Final

  • Srii Cricket Club – 193/9 in 50 overs
  • RG Pudur Cricket Club – 89 in 28 overs
  • Man of the Match: N. Antony Bernard, Srii Cricket Club




  • Vijay Cricket Club – 199 in 45.5 overs
  • Masters Cricket Club – 200/8 in 47.2 overs
  • Performers: Sabarish, Sakthi Nidhi and Ashok, Masters CC


Scores: Cdca League Entry Knock out tournament 2015-16, “G Developers Trophy“, Losers Finals at C.I.T : Srii C.C 193/9 in 50 overs (N.Antony Bernard 57, M.Antony Vinod Raj 30 ,E.Prasanna Venkatesh Three for 32) “Beat” Rangasamy Gounder Pudur C.C 89  in 28 overs (N.Antony Bernard Five for 12, V. Manikandan 33)

Scores: Finals at PSG Ims ‘C’ : Vijay C.C 199 in 45.5 overs (S.Palanisamy 66, K.Sriram Three for 49, S.Sabarish Five for 25) “Lost to” Masters C.C 200/8 in 47.2 overs (P.Sakthi Nidhi 53, G.Ashok 49, P.Selvakumar Three for 44)

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