December 11, 2018

குடியரசு – Republic Day


Story Highlights

  • Is this necessary to celebrate Republic?


  • இந்தப் படங்கள் யாரையும் புண்படுத்தவோ அவமானப்படுத்தவோ பதிவு செய்யப்படவில்லை
  • இவை முழுமையாக எனது எண்ணத்தில் முயற்சியில் உருவானது.
  • இவை எனது சமுதாய அக்கறையில் பதிவு செய்யப்பட்டது.
  • எனினும் இதில் எவ்விதமான விவாதத்திற்கும் போட்டிகளுக்கும் இடமில்லை.
  • இப்பதிவில் தங்களுக்கு உடன்பாடில்லை எனில் படிக்க / பார்க்க வேண்டாம்.
  • அப்படியே படித்து / பார்த்து விட்டாலோ இதில் விவாதித்து உங்கள் பொன்னான நேரத்தை வீண் செய்ய வேண்டாம்.


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குடியரசு – Republic Day


Even though it is hard for me, I have to say this Bitter Truth that, ” I hate the Republic Day and its Celebrations”

By the People! For the People!

It is the biggest of all dramas demonstrated by the Honorable (disgusting to say!) Members of Legislative Assemblies and Members of Parliament, Administrative Officers, Police Officers and the other Officials.



  • You (I mean to say those all ruling, ruled and going to rule us over the years) have successfully deceived us since 1950. Oh God! Even After 66 years of Corruption and mismanagement we strive to live honest. It is the beauty of your Creature
  • I have enough Freedom to think, read and write. Yes! Indeed! Otherwise I might not be able to record these crimes
  • The Country has developed in several ways, in several aspects
  • The Citizens of this Country are topping, leading and commanding this Universe
  • Largest Democratic Nation
  • Largest Service Provider
  • Fastest Growing Nation
  • Leading in many departments
  • Reaching Milestones in Space Technology
  • All achievements which you advertise as


My arguments for the above answers are simple which will trouble you to answer.

  • What is the use of them when thousands of, lakhs of, crores of people struggling to live
  • Your science development never helped people to live a peaceful life
  • We don’t need certificates (sorry to say- Bloody certificates from the Universe) as an achieving nation
  • Hell with your leaders and industrialists pulling the common people in the furnace / oven for their food
குடியரசு தினம்

Bitter Truths

  • Government here stealing the Rupee – Penny from every citizen. Even a mentally challenged person will not do this harm willfully as the Government do. The price per litre should be around 20 to 25 INR only where as it is being charged around 60 INR. When the purchase cost is not even 20 INR, why should the people pay 60 INR and where does the 40 INR go. Is this not a biggest scam?


  • Private sectors purchased Grains – Dhals at the cost of 35 INR and after some point of time from the purchase, created a temporary scarcity and released the Grains under their Brands at a Cost of 175 INR per Kg. Where does the 140 INR go? Is this not a biggest scam?


  • Hell with your MAKE IN INDIA! is INDIA a Trash only? Manufacturing in India for Foreigners and by Foreign Industrialists and selling to the world leaving all the trash behind in INDIA. Why should you not allow Indians to start business for exporting? Is this not a biggest scam?


  • It is the biggest of all the scams and the cheapest publicity gained by the current government. Why don’t you punish-fine people for making places dirty or when throwing dirt & dusts? But allowing them to make places dirty and collecting Tax in the name of cleaning the nation. Is this not a biggest scam?

I hate you Mr. PM! You are my servant! and I believe I have not crossed my limit!

  • I hate you for acting like that nothing harm happened by the fake increased cost and import duty levied in the Petroleum Products


  • I hate you for trying to push my fellow Indians as workers in the name of “MAKE IN INDIA’


  • I hate you for pushing common people in Furnace for the betterment of Business deals


  • I hate you for imposing tax in the name of cleaning nation while many spitting dust


  • I hate you for advertising (alone) to give up the subsidies while You keep (All) enjoying the facilities and allowances for being our representatives

I hate celebrating the fake …….. … and its celebrations!!!

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