May 25, 2018

Coimbatore League News – 11.06.2017

Coimbatore Cricket News

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  • League News - 11.06.2017

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Tournament: Tamilnadu Cricket Association (TNCA) – Coimbatore District Cricket Association (CDCA) league 2017-18 matches played were played in the various grounds of Coimbatore on 11.06.2017.


Coimbatore League News – 11.06.2017

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Coimbatore DCA


Coimbatore League matches were played on 10.06.2017 & 11.06.2017 in PSG Ims ‘A’ grounds.


3rd Division

  • Rajasekar Mani Memorial Cricket Club beat Rainbow KMP Cricket Club


5th Division

  • Srii Cricket Club beat Noyyal Ninjas Cricket Club



  • Perumalsamy starred
  • Karthikeyan starred for Rajasekar Mani
  • Antony Bernard starred for Srii


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