October 17, 2017

Venkata Krishna hit ton

Coimbatore 3rd Division Match Report

Story Highlights

  • Prakash, Samson Gilbert scored half centuries
  • Mathan Kumar scored 30 and took 4 wickets
  • Arockia Rex Victor took 3 wickets and hit 36 Not out
  • Venkata Krishna hit 103 and took 3 wickets
  • Leemon Ambrose missed century by 9 runs

Tournament: Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) – Coimbatore District Cricket Association (CDCA3rd division league for N. Damodharan Welfare Trust Trophy


Flash: Venkata Krishna hit ton for Rainbow KMP put in shadow the batting of Leemon in the Coimbatore 3rd division league match played recently


N. Damodharan Welfare Trust Trophy


In the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) – Coimbatore district cricket association (CDCA3rd division cricket league matches played at PSG Ims ‘A’ and PSG Ims ‘C’ Grounds on 16.07.2017,

  • RKS Kalvi Nilayam ICC beat Kingz Cricket Club by 83 runs
  • Rainbow KMP Cricket Club beat Coimbatore Raiders Cricket Academy by 67 runs




  • R. Prakash, RKS Kalvi Nilayam ICC hit 80
  • S. Mathan Kumar, RKS Kalvi Nilayam ICC scored 30 and took 4 wickets
  • A. Arockia Rex Victor, Kingz Cricket Club took 3 wickets and hit 36 Not out
  • M. Venkata Krishna, Rainbow KMP Cricket Club hit 103 and took 3 wickets
  • D. Samson Gilbert, Rainbow KMP Cricket Club scored half century
  • J. Leemon Ambrose, Coimbatore Raiders Cricket Academy hit 91



TNCA – CDCA 3rd Division: Venkata Krishna hit ton for Rainbow KMP


  • RKS Kalvi Nilayam ICC – 244/8 in 50 Overs
  • Kingz Cricket Club – 161 in 36 Overs



  • Rainbow KMP Cricket Club – 268/6 in 50 Overs
  • Coimbatore Raiders Cricket Academy – 201 in 43.3 Overs




Scores at PSG Ims ‘A’: RKS Kalvi Nilayam I.C.C 244/8 in 50 overs (R. Prakash 80, S. Mathan Kumar 30, M. Mohan Raj 32, A. Arockia Rex Victor 3/33) “Beat” Kingz C.C 161 in 36 overs (A. Vadivel 66, A. Arockia Rex Victor 36*, M. Yogeshwaran 3/34, S. Madhan Kumar 4/44)


Scores at PSG Ims ‘C’: Rainbow KMP C.C 268/6 in 50 overs (M. Venkata Krishna 103, D. Samson Gilbert 66, K. Madhan Kumar 31, V. Thandava Moorthi 3/39) “Beat” Coimbatore Raiders C.A 201 in 43.3 overs (J. Leemon Ambrose 91, M. Venkata Krishna 3/39, K. Hari Narayanan 3/39)

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