July 21, 2018

Power of Mind

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Power of Mind

An advice post for Our Sisters, Daughters and Companion who are going to marry soon

Human Brain is the best and ultimate creature in this universe!


The mind is nothing but the centre of gravity of an individual. Hence when you think and be in a hectic situation you are beaten by the same problem

The human mind is the combination of what we learnt, what we thought and what we did (right or wrong)

Learning is the process usually a kid starts from his Mom, Dad, Family, Relations, Friends and finally Public. It may be through any way of implementation-medium viz., Vocal, Visual and so on

Thinking is the process usually a kid fits the reality and the imagination. It varies from Person to Person which mostly depends upon the environment and issues faced by the kid

Action is the final attitude and character of the above processes and it sometimes will leave us in trouble if the above processes are not fulfilled properly and most of the times we will never go wrong if we had done properly


You are a matured Kid and purely exceptional and has to be celebrated by all of us!

The power of mind is that it will beat the speed of light, sound and anything else in this Universe! Within a second, you can bring the places visited some 1000 Kms away in front of your eyes, You can imagine a world which even do not exist. That is the power of mind.

You believe that None can harm you! None can cheat you! Be Yourself! Until the Passing by just keep things out of your mind! Believe in you that you can overcome anything and None or Nothing can spoil you at any point of time.

This is the time where you need to be more positive vibrant which will bring the best out of you! The Real People will surely understand without any words and an action that will make more sense is keep quite, enthusiastic and at the same time energetic

Time is the best Doctor for all happenings in this Universe! Hence keep your moments preserved for future to enjoy jointly with your counterpart

Also Please remember that You are going to be an Heart / Gem of your new family which will have to witness and cherish with your Majestic Behaviour. A Woman who is cultural and lovable will give birth to a more cultured, lovable and civilised society

how you were?
On Victory

How you should be?
On Trouble

Actually it’s not a trouble. It’s a sweet moment to be remembered for lifetime.


Remember before sharing your personal thoughts that it’s not happening face to face in an unique environment. You’re being monitored by the middlemen already Mobile operators and govt spy agencies. Hence you can share your views, express your opinions and feelings over there once every thing is perfectly completed-fulfilled.

Also remember and try to agree and adopt the fact that everyone have their own god fathers, care takers & well wishers! Don’t give any opportunity for misunderstanding or misjudging or misusing

Believe in You that you can come over all hurdles if anything arrives and firstly You and your habits will never drag you into that situation ever means into any hurdles. Try to use the word ‘Let us see’ ‘Will do’ until you gain faith and space instead of using a Straight Forward “NO”

Also Try to understand the following facts!

>Your Mother will only help you in all terms personally after marriage
>However keep some space between Your Mother and Counterpart which will maintain the relations
>Otherwise Possessiveness will drag more complications
>At one point of time, Your Counterpart will fully occupy your mother’s space! Wait for that moment!
>That will be a precious moment when and where you will transform to be a Mother of your own

Remember the following facts!

>Think twice before sharing
>Better try to convey your likes and dislikes with gentle gestures which will sound loud for you than asking
>God’s grace, Parents’ affection and your friends’ auspices will be with you always! Stay strong! Go Ahead!

Have a nice Journey called Life with an hope that we all together with you!

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