October 17, 2018

N.R Samiappa Mudaliar Trophy 2017

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Good News for Cricket Lovers in the district of Tirupur!

Yes! District Cricket Association of Tirupur (DCAT) is hosting the prestigious TNCA City vs Combined Districts Under 16 Match for N.R Samiappa Mudaliar Trophy 2017 in Tirupur for the third consecutive year!

N.R Samiappa Mudaliar Trophy 2017

  • Match between: TNCA City Under 16 and TNCA Combined Districts Under 16 Teams
  • Match Format: 3 Day Match
  • Match Days: 13.10.2017, 14.10.2017 & 15.10.2017
  • Venue: Wyre Sports Park Ground (Turf Wicket), Murugampalayam, Tirupur
  • Match Time: 09.30 Am on Day 1 & 2; 09.15 Am on Day 3


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