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ICC Academy – Level 1 Coach

Thousands of Candles can be lighted from a single Candle and the life of the Candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared! … – Buddha


A good coach is one who induces the talent of a kid like a bit helping the lighting of a Lamp. We are happy to share you the ways of becoming a Level 1 Coach in the game of Cricket.


International Cricket Council is having an academy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and its primary objective is to conduct and maintain higher level of gaming environment in the game of Cricket all over the world by providing regular coaching programs, sporting events and skill development modules.


They are offering services by way of providing customized and organized program schedule for any organization or tournament or sporting events and their contact details are as follows:

Dubai Sports City (Next to the Dubai Autodrome)
P O Box 111123
Dubai, U.A.E
Tel : +971 (0)4 4481355
Email : info@iccacademy.net


Level 1 Coaching Programme

It is a basic course which lasts for 2 days. The Coaching Programme will explain and help the candidates to analyze and address the kids by way of simple methods. It teaches the Candidates, how to handle the kids efficiently with 5 basic standards. It is the foundation course and easy course to start in the field of coaching in the game of Cricket. The excerpts of the course will be in the following order: Introduction, Seminar and Group Analysis between the Candidates in the Indoor Campus on Day 1 and Monitoring, Assessing, Analyzing the Kids on field by way of answering a standard set of questions which cover various aspects of Coaching, followed by the explaining the analyzed statistics of one group with the other groups and learning about the safety measures, precautions and to conduct the coaching session as energetic and entertaining for the kids as well, on the day 2.



On Successful completion of 2 day course, the candidates will be issued with a Level 1 Coaching Course Completion certificate. The candidates are free to enforce the techniques proposed by the ICC Academy in their academies.


How to apply for it?

ICC Academy conducts Level 1 Coaching Programmes quarterly whereas Level 2 and Level 3 sessions are being conducted annually at DUBAI, U.A.E. The Interested candidates can register their interest by sending an email to coacheducation@iccacademy.net or call them on +971 4 4251145. The Organizers will intimate individually once they are scheduling the Learning Course.


What are the charges?

There will be a charge for attending this Course and it estimates around INR 40000 and it is subject to change and can be known from the Organizers time to time. All other expenses like Air Travel Expenses, Boarding and Lodging Expenses shall be borne by the Candidates individually and it varies between the candidates by the choice of their expenses. For a candidate who chose to go economically, the total cost will be around INR 1.25 Lakhs (Including Course Fee) approximately.


Uses and What Next?

Since it is a basic foundation course, it is the easiest and entry level course and it is necessary to complete the next Level Courses which are conducted annually to become a professional and proactive coach


Disclaimer: The data are covered in parallel to the facts as received from known sources which may be wrong or faulty and we are ready to correct the same if you can provide documentary evidence. The purpose of this post is to encourage the talents in the domestic circuit to grow higher in level.


Responses will be added in post if they deserve!!

V. Ganesan, Thiruvallur (24.07.2018): Yes, it was good... but even level 1 is not easy one... theory classes followed by practicals on both days... after every video sessions... practicals followed...at downstairs at indoor... need to explain.. the planning, setting up, demonstration, and real activities, then need to explain about is what has done...communication is most important is matter there... faculties and facilities are awesome.


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