October 19, 2018

Shajahan’s century went in vain

Coimbatore 1st Division Match Report

Story Highlights

  • Prabhu, Prem Kumar, Huzefa M Patel scored half centuries
  • Riyas, Sujay scored unbeaten half centuries
  • Aravind, Abhinav scalped 4 wickets
  • Raja Ravi Varma scalped 5 wickets
  • Shajahan hit 110

Tournament: Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) – Coimbatore District Cricket Association (CDCA) 1st division league for Lakshmi Card Clothing Mfg Co Trophy


Flash: Shajahan’s century went in vain as Sujay and Huzefa M Patel delivered a successful chase for Sri Ramakrishna Mills in the Coimbatore 1st division league played recently


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In the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) – Coimbatore district cricket association (CDCA1st division cricket league matches played in PSG Ims ‘C’, C.I.T and PSG Ims ‘A’ grounds on 08.04.2017 and 09.04.2017,

  • Kovai Knights beat Rainbow Cricket Club by 57 runs
  • Cosmo Village Sports Academy beat Arumugam XI Patriots CC by 9 wickets
  • Sri Ramakrishna Cricket Trust beat RKS Cricket Academy by 1 wicket
  • Sri Ramakrishna Mills SC beat Suryabala Cricket Club by 5 wickets


  • A. Prabhu, Kovai Knights scored half century
  • P. Prem Kumar, Rainbow Cricket Club scored half century
  • F. Riyas, Cosmo Village Sports Academy scored an unbeaten half century
  • G. Aravind, Sri Ramakrishna Cricket Trust scalped 4 wickets
  • S. Raja Ravi Varma, RKS Cricket Academy scalped 5 wickets
  • M. Shajahan, Suryabala Cricket Club scored century
  • M. Abhinav, Sri Ramakrishna Mills SC scalped 4 wickets
  • S. Sujay, Sri Ramakrishna Mills SC scored an unbeaten half century
  • Huzefa M Patel, Sri Ramakrishna Mills SC scored half century



TNCA – CDCA 1st Division: Shajahan’s century went in vain


  • Kovai Knights – 209 in 48.1 Overs
  • Rainbow CC – 152/9 in 38.1 Overs



  • Arumugam XI Patriots CC – 97 in 32.1 Overs
  • Cosmo Village Sports Academy – 99/1 in 11.1 Overs



  • RKS Cricket Academy – 64 in 20.1 Overs
  • Sri Ramakrishna Cricket Trust – 65/9 in 16.3 Overs



  • Suryabala CC – 211 in 49.4 Overs
  • Sri Ramakrishna Mills SC – 212/5 in 46.2 Overs


Scores at PSG Ims ‘C’: Kovai Knights 209 in 48.1 overs (A. Prabhu 58, T. Veeramani 41, M. Guhan 3/24) “Beat” Rainbow C.C 152/9 in 38.1 overs (P. Prem Kumar 50, S. Mohan Prasath 3/45)
Scores at PSG Ims ‘A’: Arumugam Eleven Patriots C.C  97 in 32.1 overs (Praveen Kumar 47) “Lost to” Cosmo Village Sports Academy 99/1 in 11.1 overs (F. Riyas 59*)
Scores at PSG Ims ‘C’: RKS Cricket Academy 64 in 20.1 overs (G. Aravind 4/15) “Lost to” Sri Ramakrishna Cricket Trust 65/9 in 16.3 overs (S. Raja Ravi Varma 5/23)
Scores at C.I.T: Suryabala C.C 211 in 49.4 overs (M. Shajahan 110, M. Abhinav 4/44, V. Ganesh 3/32) “Lost to” Sri Ramakrishna Mills S.C 212/5 in 46.2 overs (S. Sujay 69*, Huzefa M Patel 50, R. Mithun 38)

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