April 22, 2019

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Abilash starred for V.L.B

TNCA Inter Districts match played at PSG Ims Ground, Coimbatore

Story Highlights

  • Abul Hakim took 4 wickets
  • Mohammed Ashik scored half century
  • Jagadeesan scored an unbeaten half century
  • Abilash took 3 wickets and scored 42*

Tournament: The Coimbatore District Cricket Association (CDCA) X Inter-Collegiate Cricket Tournament 2018-19 for P.S.G Institutions Trophy


Flash: Abilash starred for V.L.B Janakiammal with the bat and ball in the CDCA X Inter-Collegiate Cricket Tournament match played recently at Coimbatore


P.S.G Institutions Trophy



In the Coimbatore district cricket association (CDCA) X Inter-Collegiate Tournament matches played at PSG Ims ‘C’ and C.I.T Grounds on 04.03.2019,

  • Sri Ramakrishna CAS beat Govt College of Technology by 7 wickets
  • V.L.B Janakiammal CAS beat Maruti C.P.E by 5 wickets


  • H. Abul Hakim, Govt College of Tech took 4 wickets
  • N. Mohammed Ashik, Sri Ramakrishna C.A.S scored half century
  • N. Jagadeesan, Sri Ramakrishna C.A.S scored an unbeaten half century
  • A.V Abilash, V.L.B Janakiammal C.A.S took 3 wickets and scored 42*


CDCA – P.S.G Institutions Trophy: Abilash starred for V.L.B


  • Govt College of Tech – 169 in 47.3 Overs
  • Sri Ramakrishna CAS – 172/3 in 22 Overs



  • Maruti C.P.E – 176 in 49.5 Overs
  • V.L.B Janakiammal C.A.S – 177/5 in 30.2 Overs



Scores at PSG Ims ‘C’: Government College Of Technology 169 in 47.3 Overs (N.S Ashwanth 31, H. Abul Hakim 4/24 , M. Atul 3/35) “Lost to” Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts & Science 172/3 in 22 Overs (N. Mohammed Ashik 58, N. Jagadeesan 60*)

Scores at C.I.T Ground: Maruthi College Of Physical Education 176 in 49.5 Overs (R. Karthik 34, A.V Abilash 3/31, R. Naveen 3/32) “Lost to” V.L.B Janakiammal College Of Arts & Science 177/5 in 30.2 Overs (C. Ranjith 39, A.V Abilash 42*)

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